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peaksaver®- Are you eligible?

Are you eligible?peaksaver

To join peaksaver and the thousands of Ontarians who are already helping to lessen the strain on the province’s electricity system:

  • Your electric utility must be participating in peaksaver.
  • You must have an account with a participating electric utility.
  • You must be a homeowner in a single-family dwelling with central air conditioning (CAC), OR
  • You must be renting or leasing a single-family dwelling with CAC and have approval from your landlord to participate.

Additionally, if you meet the above criteria AND have an electric water heater, you may choose to have it cycled down for short periods of time along with your CAC (depending on your electric utility).

If you’re eligible for peaksaver, all you need to do is contact your participating electric utlity and they will do the rest – at no cost to you.

How Can You Enrol?

You’ve made a great decision to join; simply contact your participating electric utility to enrol in peaksaver.


* Offer may vary by service provider.